Wowsome Soap I became a fan of this company vaadi herbals. This soaps scrubs well. N also a great deal in low price. Till now m using only one of them. But I do recommend to use vaadi herbals foot cream after scrubbing process is over.
good product This is my second bar and I love using it. The soap is brilliant for scrubbing off the dead cells. I personally do not like using body scrub on my feet. So, scrub in soap form is the best for me, it is easier to use; only rubbing the soap for few minutes does the job.
awesome product It clears dead cells in few minutes, smoothes the skin. It also cleared the bumps on my elbows. But, overall, this is very useful scrub soap for rough areas on the body. This soap is exactly like pumice stone only it lathers.
Full Satisfied Since it has scrubbing quality so its very effective for not so cared of body parts such as feet and of course knees. After using this my knees and feet feel so soft and supple. I would recommend this product to everyone.
Good for a body scrub. Feels nice, removes tan instantly after a shower. But need to use regularly.
I can't think of using any other soap after this..been using it since last 8-9 months is great ...little rough as it exfoliates ..but totally fine with it..
ritu raj
I was shocked after 2 weeks . The results were amazing . thank you thank you so much vaadi for such a wonderful product. The soap not only smoothenes the skin buy also removes pigmentation.Really wonderful product.